Two Tap WooCommerce Product Catalog

Sell products from popular US brands inside your eComm store

Two Tap Product Catalog allows eCom stores to easily import products from well known US brands and retailers and ship them directly to customers.

The eCom platform plugins provide access to millions of products and SKUs, real time price & inventory updates, order placement, and shipping updates.

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Hi! I'm one of the founders of Two Tap, and together with Adrian, the lead engineer for this project, we'll be around all day to answer any questions. Over the next couple of months we'll be releasing a suite of plugins to help retailers (and affiliates) avoid months of painful boilerplate/repetitive work when talking to brands for things like: negotiating deals (which sometime cover only a certain set of products), importing&maintaining up to date SKUs, sending them the orders , and getting paid for commissions. We want to empower entrepreneurs to focus more on the customer and on marketing, and less with the hassles of merchandising.
Adrian here as well. 🙂 🍪 🤖 tap tap!
This is really nice
@ihecci do you plan on using it?
@rspineanu @adrianthedev This integration could be a godsend for content creators looking to add an ecommerce monetization strategy.
@adrianthedev @francisco_ramos We think so too! We're especially excited about this + influencers.
@francisco_ramos yeah! it basically allows you to focus on your main objective without worrying about the whole e-commerce logistics of it all.