Two Halves

Ephemeral speed-dating app

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Two Halves is an ephemeral speed-dating app. It matches two strangers and gives them 6 minutes each to get to know each other. After 6 minutes elapses, they're both asked if they're interested in one another. If both choose yes, they become mutuals and can view each other's Twitter handles, otherwise they're both matched with new dates.

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
This is almost like virtual speed dating, I can imagine the time scarcity element forces people to be more direct in how they engage... what was the thinking you ad in mind when designing this and choosing the six minute limit? @mclint_
Clinton Mbah
Clinton MbahMaker@mclint_ · Software engineer and serial maker. +233
@abadesi i did a lot of research on speed dating and most of the information i found showed that most speed dates lasted around 4 minutes. seeing as texting is slower than talking, i had to adjust for that and 6 minutes seemed to be that sweet spot. it's not too short that you can't get enough info out of your date and not too long that you become bored by the date.
Anna Filou
Anna Filou@anna_0x · Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
Nice idea! Online text-based speed dating. Concerning the website, black on red is hard to read...