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Christopher Su
Christopher Su@nitrogen · UW CSE. Formerly Google, Msft, Cisco.
How is this different from Tall Tweets and the many other services that do this exact thing? Also, the UI looks suspiciously like that of Twenth (
Jake Mor
Jake Mor@jakemor · Building FitnessAI
@nitrogen good catch. this is a clear rip off.
Ruben Martinez Jr.
Ruben Martinez Jr.@rubencodes · Engineering & Design at WELL Health Inc.
@nitrogen Wow, that does look very similar. I still stand by the Infinitweet approach ( of fitting the text into an image that fits into Twitter's Image Preview.
@nitrogen This has happened a few times on PH. What's the standard operating procedure when a ripoff is identified?
hallojona@hallojona · Writes and makes and loves ideas.
I love it when you visit a website and you get the idea in the first second. Nice done. Also a smart idea.
Robin Good
Robin Good@robingood · Publisher of T5
I don't see any explanation of how it works or achieves its magic. If I click the example link at the bottom of the page I am taken to a page without any clear explanation. I like to understand how something works before adopting / using it. For me missing this info it's all it takes not to consider taking up or sharing the news for a new tool like this one.
Eric Willis
Eric WillisHunter@erictwillis · Working on something new
TwLng is a mobile-optimized micro-blogging platform based on Twitter that lets you post content to Twitter without being constrained to 140 characters.