Free desktop app for Twitter DM & tweeting from the menu bar

The main purpose of Twizzle is to be a standalone messenger for Twitter. It supports everything that messages on Twitter support: gifs, images, stickers, etc. You can also send tweets directly from the menu bar. You can attach images, gifs, polls, etc.
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Hey there PH πŸ‘‹ Twizzle (previously Twizzy) is now free and it works on all platforms: Windows, Linux, and macOS πŸ₯³ I realized that I and a lot of other people have a problem with Twitter addiction, so I wanted to make the app available to everyone. I wrote an article called "Killing my social media addiction" in which I'm explaining why I needed Twizzle to help me, and why you might need it too: Twizzle is also open-source, so feel free to contribute :) The landing page is open-source too: Let me know if you have any questions πŸ™ Happy Holidays πŸŽ„
Charles Magnuson
Professional Consumer
@kitze @kitze_kitze_ How come you're using the old Twitter logo that hasn't been used in almost 10 years?
Rik Schennink
Indie product dev β€’ Web enthusiast
Awesome. Would be happy to spend some $$ on a mobile version as well.
Arj SinghTechie & Photographer
@rikschennink that sounds like an interesting side project for me to work on πŸ˜€
Ilango RajagopalMaker. Software Engineer, Rocketium
Awesome app! And you're a saint for releasing a Linux version as well πŸ™
Aidan Wolf
Bringing AR to the people.
Bought the original Twizzy, great app! What’s the hope with this new product direction? (Going free and one source)
Design is lushious
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