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Stewart Rogers
Stewart Rogers@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
Twizoo is not just a smart solution for finding restaurants and bars based on monitoring Twitter (which it does in a really smart way). It also allows you to book a restaurant using Twitter too. The interface is clean, and discovering the best places to eat around your location based on what people are saying on Twitter is a great way to sort the good from the bad. Check it out...
Mateusz Zatorski
Mateusz Zatorski@matzatorski · Hacker
Really excited to launch today #TweetToBook, you can book a table completely over Twitter. Try it out with one of these restaurants (, Tweeting at the restaurant the date, time, and number of people that you’d like a table! Get an auto-tweet back confirming availability and the reservation, interfacing directly with the restaurant’s existing booking system. London-restaurants for now, adding more everyday. Let us know what you think!
Mike Piddock
Mike Piddock@mikepiddock · Founder, Glisser
Great solution. Twitter is great for things like breaking news, live events and spontaneity, but it's hard to sort the feed, especially based on location, sentiment or where there's no hashtag. Twizoo solves that problem for local restaurants.
Craig Deakin
Craig DeakinHunter@craigdeakin · Product evangelist + marketing
Twizoo finds the best restaurants and bars… by cooking down what people are saying on Twitter! They have listened to millions of Tweets in real-time to give you simple green = go, red = avoid, recommendations on where to grab your next meal or pint.
Dennis Mitzner
Dennis Mitzner@dennismitzner · Journalist
@craigdeakin Only London and San Francisco for now?
Mateusz Zatorski
Mateusz Zatorski@matzatorski · Hacker
@dennismitzner Yes we're just getting started, but more cities on the to-do list very soon!