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Before sharing a link to this Chrome extension, @schlaf tweeted: With the end of the year approaching, now might be a good time to clean up your following list. On the other side, you can use this to receive notifications when someone unfollows you. 😁
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@rrhoover @schlaf does clicking "Mass Unfollow" unfollow every for you or it just makes it easier to choose who to unfollow?
@nivo0o0 @rrhoover @schlaf the button unfollows everyone. Just did it!
@rrhoover @schlaf Is not it why lists are for?
@rrhoover @schlaf I use @manageflitter to manage my followers/unfollowers and more.
I believe most people ignore the word "social" in social media. It's not supposed to be a bullhorn or podium which it has become for too many. It's like high school lunch rooms where idiots sit in cliques at the cool table or the nerds table or jocks table or the freaks table. Look at the following to follower ratio and it reveals a lot about people. Usually celebrities and other power elites have ridiculous 1000 to 1 ratios, only following back other popular types. Some will say it's because there's too much noise after you follow so many people which is true but only if you're dumb enough to consume twitter from your main feed. I create twitter lists and consume tweets that way. It's so much better. I speak from experience. I used to be a twitter snob with a 10 to 1 ratio but I've been slowly getting it closer to my goal or 1 to 1 ratio. So maybe this tool is good to purge and start all over again but keep in mind that we should give people the chance to add value to our experience. You never know what can happen. If someone turns out to be a jerk or spammer then you can easily unfollow them but don't pre-judge them.
Is there was a way to "save" a select few people from the wrath of the mass unfollow?
Does it really unfollow everyone? Surely that would violate twitters ambiguous follow/unfollow policy
You can copy and paste this in terminal in the https://twitter.com/yourusername... page  πŸ™ˆ ``` setInterval(function() { t = $(".following").find(".follow-button"); //.not-following if (!t[0]) { window.scrollTo(0, $(document).height()); } else { console.log(t.attr("class")); t.trigger("click"); } }, 100 ```