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Pedro Vieira
Gabrielle P Campbell
Arun Sathiya
  • Arun Sathiya
    Arun SathiyaHappiness Engineer, Automattic

    I think this is pretty handy! I love it for quickly accessing the latest interaction I had with a person.


    Instead of showing all the tweets from one interaction on that widget, it would be best if it showed each interaction thread as a listing.

    Handy Google Chrome extension if you use!

This is awesome!! Twitter advanced search always impresses me. When I realized that paul graham blocked me on twitter I was able to find my tweet that pissed him off, but it wasnt user friendly. This will make staying in touch with my friends easier on twitter :)
@kevando_ Hahaha, I'd love to know what you said?
@dannyaziz97 I remember being very unimpressed with my wit and his level of tolerance. Oh well. Might be cool if you could see the interactions between 2 people other than yourself.
Neat idea, @dannyaziz97. I've attempted to find old conversations on Twitter by searching "@rrhoover @username" before. Feature request: I'd love to easily find the first interaction I had with a particular individual. I've met many friends and teammates through Twitter so it would be fascinating to see how we stumbled upon our "first meeting".
@rrhoover adding to that a simple good looking timeline would be great too. 🙂
@rrhoover Your feature request just inspired a cool idea. BRB locking myself into the lab...
@dannyaziz97 YESSSSSSS 🙏🏼
Great! Works for me. I little cringy to read tweets from 2009! 😅
@robbdiazz Haha, unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) I deleted all my cringy tweets
So I was recently trying to find an old twitter conversation between a friend and myself and found the Twitter advanced search quite useful. I thought it would be more useful if you could see all of the tweets on the profile page. Enjoy!
@dannyaziz97 Installed. Can't see interactions on a profile i know there will be some? Bug? Using Chrome for Mac v. 61.0.3163.39 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)
@mattnavarra Can you see the window on top of "Who to Follow"?
@mattnavarra Thanks, I'm looking into it. In the meantime do you mind trying it on another account?
THIS IS FUCKIN' AWESOME! Works exactly how it should. (Why aren't there more extensions augmenting the pages of our favorite websites?