Twitter for Slack by MailClark

Reply to mentions & DMs from Slack 🐦🤖

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Nicolas GreniéHunter@picsoung · Developer Advocate, Typeform
Easiest tool to manage your Twitter activity directly in Slack. Few weeks ago I hunted Mailclark ( an awesome tool to help you handle emails directly into your Slack team. It worka great to deal with incoming support request and triage them to the corresponding person in the team. They just launched an integration for Twitter, you can directly answer DM, and send Tweets from Slack. That's one less app to use, and more time gained for your team :)
Antoine LefeuvreMaker@jiraisurfer · Cofounder & Product Manager at MailClark
Hi everyone and happy new year to you all! We are thrilled to start 2017 with the launch of “Twitter for Slack” — we hope you’ll like our Slack bot’s latest feature as much as we do. We’ve designed “Twitter for Slack” with support teams in mind 💁 They want to be able to answer tweets, DMs & emails directly from Slack, the space where they collaborate. With the addition of this new Twitter integration, MailClark truly becomes your team’s bot for external communications. “Twitter for Slack” also happens to be a great tool for personal Twitter accounts: I’ve replied to my tweets & DMs from Slack for the past three weeks, I love it 🐦🤖 Curious to see how it works? Add MailClark to Slack, invite him to a channel and click ‘Link a Twitter account’. We’d love to hear what you think, we look forward to chatting with you! P.S. A big thanks to Nicolas for hunting us again
Matthieu de Luze@matthieudeluze · Co-Founder @ Studiolabs & Social Media
I just love the idea for the support team to tweet straight from Slack, great job guys 👏 Is it possible to use multiple Twitter accounts?
Antoine LefeuvreMaker@jiraisurfer · Cofounder & Product Manager at MailClark
@matthieudeluze Yes, you can! This is actually a great way to allow some of your teammates to tweet without giving the credentials of the company's Twitter account. And thank you for your kind words, we really appreciate it!
P-Edward Lieb@pedward_lieb · Partnerships Manager @RecastAI
Good job guys !
Antoine LefeuvreMaker@jiraisurfer · Cofounder & Product Manager at MailClark
@pedward_lieb Many thanks P-E, we're glad you like it!
Kevin Leneway@kleneway · CTO / Co-Founder, Haiku Deck
Simple, useful idea that is well executed. Congrats on the launch!
Antoine LefeuvreMaker@jiraisurfer · Cofounder & Product Manager at MailClark
@kleneway Wow, thank you Kevin!