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Slowly everything becomes a portal.
I can understand how this will likely help with signups. It might even be smart to do it more their app as well. Download the app, check out the content, if you like it, you sign up. I'm curious if anyone has thought on how this might HURT. Any ideas?
@joshelman talks about the evolution of the Twitter homepage and onboarding funnel in this talk at @nireyal's Habit Summit (2014):
The homepage used to be a hard force toward signing up but this change is more inviting (imo), giving logged out visitors an opportunity to dive into categories of content they're most interested in. @gabor/@iamkory - I'm curious how you landed (no pun intended) on this final design? What was the design process like?
@joshelman @gabor @iamkory @rrhoover I wonder if the kind of user this page addresses has changed from the original intended audience?