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Free browser extension for searching your bookmarked tweets!

Free Chrome & Firefox extension for searching all your bookmarked tweets (finally!!) 👉🏼Get it here
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Finally it's out! Works perfectly.
@aviaryan123 Awesome, glad to hear!!
👋 Hi Product Hunt! 💬Once upon a time, a frustrated hacker went to find a bookmarked tweet. What?! Twitter STILL hasn't added a search box?? In a frantic rage of flying bits and bytes, he dives into the depths of Twitter's code. Hours, or maybe days later (the facts are unclear) he emerges with the glow of one who has slain a giant. As one, then two, then ten more people see the glow, they race to tweet that FINALLY, tweeters from all nations, far and wide, can return to their messy pile of bookmarks and find JUST that perfect tweet they've been looking for. At last, peace and order have returned to Twitter land! Now go forth and bookmark tweets to your bloody heart's content! 📽Details ✔ Free extension for Chrome & Firefox ✔ Open-source on GitHub: (contributions welcome!) ✔ Built with React, Next.js, and Parcel 🎉 Bonus I now bookmark WAY more tweets since I can actually search them! It's so much easier to re-find something interesting. 💖 Thanks Your comments, feedback, and support are greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! 🙌 P.S. I'm also looking for a new gig — I have immediate availability of 15-20 hrs/week for development in the realm of React, React-native, or Node. I'm a senior full-stack dev and often function as an outsourced CTO for non-technical founders. Contact me
@bayer @flybayer nice. was looking for this. I think indexing Likes would be nice too. Maybe as a pro feature too. Sometimes, people need to quote some previous tweet they like. I don't know if a tool exists for this. Love Twitter tools in general! can think of many niche tools. has a feature where you can mention their bot in a tweet's reply, and it gets saved in readwise. Edit: just saw Acorn's site. You are already doing the highlights stuff! Just 1 more suggestion. Including Spaced Repetition would be great too( like Signed up for Acorn early access. Looking forward to it.
Waiting for this from long time. As my twitter bookmark grew, I realized it is hard to find old articles.
@keyul sweet, I’m glad it’s useful for you!
Very useful and work like a charm the very needed and useful extension, was waiting for a creator and here he comes The Great Brandon ^^
@mumu8u haha, you're funny! Thank you!
Great!!!, a request: when we get the results of a search, please could you show the buttons to remove a bookmark? it's like the process to mark as read when you already find the tweet
@spideymang Ah yes, that's a great suggestion! Thank you