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Create shortcuts to your favorite users/tweets on Twitter

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Hi all! When I worked at Twitter on the official iOS app I wanted to build a feature like this that would allow people to create bookmarks to their favorite parts of the app. That project never got greenlit, so after I left Twitter I decided to build it myself as a 3rd party app that integrates with the Twitter app (and also Tweetbot). You can easily create bookmarks to your favorite users, tweets, lists, and searches on Twitter for fast, 1-tap access. I use it everyday to checkup on friends and certain other accounts that I sometimes miss in the high velocity of my overcrowded timeline. Happy to answer questions!
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Awesome. I've wanted something like this for so long.
@jazzychad you've been on a tear building products lately (see here). What's your goal? 😊
@rrhoover My goal is to SHIP ALL THE THINGS! Seriously, I just love to build and ship stuff, and maybe one of these days something will stick and become big. I don't really have any master plan except to "be prolific" πŸ˜€
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@jazzychad hashtag respect πŸ‘Š
@jazzychad I'm gonna second @rrhoover's question. A lot of these products share commonalities (e.g. bookmarking or link-sharing). Is there an overarching theme to what you've been working on? Can you paint us a picture of the ecosystem you're envisioning or the underlying pain point you're addressing? Because this stuff is really cool.
@eliservescent hmmm, maybe there is some subconscious underlying theme in all these projects, but I really do a lot of different stuff - you can see more of my iOS apps at including several games and other utilities. I guess if I had to name an overarching theme it would be making stuff that just makes people's lives easier, in whatever context that makes sense. The games are just for fun, though :)
Used the last code. Thanks!!!!
@jazzychad awesome (downloaded!) - similar to tweetdeck on your mobile?
@bentossell hmm, not exactly similar to TweetDeck. It is simply a dashboard of bookmarks/shortcuts for your favorite items on Twitter and will deep link you into the Twitter app (or Tweeetbot if you prefer) when you tap on one.