Twitter ArguMeter

Check how much a Twitter user likes to argue

Find out how much a Twitter user likes to argue and what is their average mood on those arguments. To check a Twitter user's #ArguMeter profile, just add the username on any user's details page. There is a 5-15 mins processing time because I used a free Zapier account.
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Michael Novotny
Maker of
Mo this is great can you tell me more about how you built this with no code? Were you able to connect to Twitter API with Zapier or is that a manual part of the stack. This is really interesting and something I have not seen before!
Najmuzzaman Mohammad
Product Manager at VentureBasecamp
@michaeljnovotny Here is the flow: 1. Someone adds Twitter username on Glideapps using the form button which saves to the connected Google Sheet 2. Zapier sees new Google sheet row & calls Parabola's Webhook (still in Beta. You have to ask their support to activate it) 3. Parabola calls Twitter API, does Sentiment analysis on the last 500 tweets of the user, calculates avg adjusted sentiment on comments, finds the comments with max & min adjusted sentiment, calculates % of the tweets that are comments & categorizes the user into 1 of the 9 Argumeter profiles 4. Parabola sends data back to the Google sheet for Glideapps to consume. I will try to do a Medium article soon on how I built this.