Spam filter for Twitter direct messages

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Thanks for the comment. The spam mainly comes from automated services that are triggered when you follow someone ("thanks", "here is my website", "let's connect on LinkedIn", etc). So the only way to stop it would be to stop following new accounts. I've found myself not reading new messages due to this problem and wanted a simple way to remove all the spam. When analyzing the messages based on the most common spam keywords, it turned out that more than 95% of my messages were spam. This just didn't seem right.
@sergeygoncharov that very rarely happens to me to be honest. Guess it's a difference of the types of people we follow. I'm sure this will be useful to some people :)
@bentossell @sergeygoncharov ME! This is useful for me! I've mentioned before that I use follow-for-follow-or-unfollow as one of my social media growth strategies, but one of the unfortunate side effects on Twitter is all the DM spam you get.. as Sergey says, it's mostly automated crap that I never want to see, and it makes my DM's unusuable, which means I miss out on opportunities and client support requests. This is what the DM Inboxes for my @CrowdLoot and @SquishyForts look like right now Basically the exact use-case described on the TwitSpot landing page
@rossdcurrie @sergeygoncharov haha yeah people follow-for-follow etc may work. I just never imagine doing that. It's like a 'growth hacking' technique that I think its quite shitty tbh. Understandably its a growth strategy though.
@bentossell @sergeygoncharov Yeah, I freely admit that follow for follow is a shitty tactic. It angers me that it's so effective. I use it with the view of having it trigger organic growth once a certain level of growth is reached. Depends on the brand and the brand strategy, as well - for some brands the follower count is more important than the actual engagement, and then for others still conversion is more important than engagement. But yeah, the only tactic that I find worse than follow-for-follow are these automated messages I get. I just followed you on Twitter, don't ask me to go follow you on Facebook/LinkedIn/whatever. Considering how little I use DM at the moment however, $2.50/mo (while incredibly cheap) is almost too much to pay, simply because I'd get no ROI. Have you considered a freemium based on message volume Sergey?
amazing, i waste so much time with DMs, but does this mean you unfollow people who spam you or do you simply remove them from the inbox? What are you actually doing behind the scenes (not your secret sauce, but rather, how does it work)
@josevieitez The app checks your messages every few minutes against the keywords you select (e.g. "LinkedIn", "my free guide", etc). If the match is found, it sends a reply to notify the sender that their message was automatically deleted and then deletes their message.
Hmm...if people are getting spammed in DM then surely they can just turn off allowing DMs from anyone? That's the best way to stop this issue. No?
I like these messages because usually they indicate I should just unfollow those people saving my feed.