Twitshot (iOS)

Create a tweet with an embedded image from your iPhone/iPad

Tweetshot hunted earlier just launched it iOS app to automatically extract images from links and attach them to your tweets from your iPhone/iPad What you can do with TwitShot: • Use the Share Extension to easily tweet content from apps or Safari • Schedule your tweet with Buffer or Hootsuite • Make Instagram photos show on Twitter • Make Youtube previews show on Twitter • Add a screenshot of a page to a tweet • Paste an image URL or import a photo from your Photo Library Also checkout Spruce
@kwdinc Thanks for the post!
Founder here, feedback and suggestions are VERY welcome!
@romaincointepas hey, really like the app. How might I remove an image from a tweet if I decide against using one from the URL? (Ie. A text-only tweet)
@benhowdle Thanks! We will add this in the next version (last image of the list will be "no image")
@romaincointepas is there something like this for the desktop?
The domain has now expired thus tool no longer works :( Anyone got a suggestion of an alternative that does the same thing?