Easily segregate and manage your Twitter and Instagram feeds

Mobile application of Twitly with 7 years of service and more than 1.000.000 members. Find the ones who don’t follow you on Instagram and Twitter!

Gain full control over the followers and the follow count with Twitly.

Compatible with both Instagram and Twitter.

You can find the ones who don't follow you and unfollow them.

You can see who unfollowed you.

You can find your followers whom you don't follow and start following them.

You can add an unlimited number of Instagram and Twitter accounts.

All actions are done securely through your device. Your account remains perfectly secure.

Find the ones who don’t follow you now by downloading Twitly!

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6 Reviews5.0/5

I like that you can see who unfriended you on Facebook


Exclusive features you can’t find anywhere else


No cons

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Looks good, will there be an IAP to remove ads?
@chrislowthian Yes, We will add remove ads option to next version soon! Thanks!
@chrislowthian You can update Twitly and you can remove the all ads now!
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