Switch Twitter accounts without having to signout/signin.

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I am so grateful I discovered this actually 3-year-old extension, updated in late 2014 and WORKS LIKE A CHARM! <3 I have two Twitter accounts and it's such a pain to log out and log in again, I have not looked in the Github repo but it's amazing how easy it is.. Thank you @ThomSeddon for saving me many painful moments throughout my day! Don't you have the same problem @rrhoover, @eriktorenberg with your own handles and the @producthunt handle?
@mfts0 I've been waiting all my life for this.
@chrisgscott, @marcaime, @urbnist just regarding your Instagram needs, Fotogramme ( and Grab ( seem to be the go to solutions on iOS (disclaimer: I haven't tested them myself yet). Also I don't wanna divert the conversation from Twitcher! ;)
@mfts0 Thanks for "hunting" these for me. :D I'm thinking we need a community site: Does it Exist? Post queries (i.e. I want a way to switch easily between Instagram accounts. Does it exist?). Then community crowdsources answers: Why, yes, of course it does. Here are two examples. If no one can find something that exists, well hell then let's build it.
@mfts0 Thanks for the hunt, I'll definately check those apps !
Thank the gods. I'm drowning in Twitter handles. Why the browser account switch isn't as frictionless as the mobile process is beyond me. While we're on the subject, Instagram needs serious work in this regard as well.
@urbnist πŸ™Œ Instagram needs to figure SOMETHING out!
Great hunt @mfts0 ! Agree with @urbnist, this would be a massive feature to Twitter for Web.
@nickcoates_ thanks. I'm glad people love it. It's been around for 3 years!!! 😱
Yes, thank you god. Now if someone could build this for the native Instagram app, I would love you long time.