Twitch Prime

NFL on Twitch. First time ever. A new way to watch TV.

Twitch Prime is a new way to watch the NFL live stream on Twitch!

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Not sure this "real sports" thing is going to be big. Jokes aside, this is a big move for Twitch and could open the platform to a much different audience. The big question for me: will it alienate its core gamer demographic? Would Twitch be better off creating a separate domain and brand for traditional sports live streaming?
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An attempt to win back viewers after the progressively empty stadiums? Will be interesting to see how it goes
@scotty_bowler I feel like twitch is an entirely different demographic then the normal NFL viewer. It will be interesting to see if this changes things for the NFL.
Thursday Night Football on!


Great benefits for users and gamers who use the site


Monthly perks aren't always interesting (entirely subjective)

It will be interesting. Waiting