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#4 Product of the DayOctober 29, 2015
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It's fascinating to see Twitch's expansion, from (cc @justinkan) into a gaming-focused livestreaming (almost) unicorn (acquired by Amazon last year). While gaming is massive (and growing), expansion into arts and other categories in the future makes a lot of sense. h/t @sarahperez for this find from her TechCrunch article.
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@rrhoover Maybe I'm just not a regular twitch users, but I can't find a "Creative" section anywhere in the web experience? No mention from the home, game or channel sections and even the directory only shows game content. How did you even find that url?
@walterareid it was written about on TechCrunch. I'm assuming they're rolling it out slowly as not to introduce something drastically different to their core community.
@rrhoover @justinkan @sarahperez fantastic pivoting ! It makes simpler to young influencers to create empathy with their first followers through common passions !
This is a clear product answer for a repeating use case of craftsmen/artists streaming while creating. Awesome 🔥
This came at the perfect time! I was looking for a program to broadcast my sketching sessions
What category do you think will be next. Cooking and coding seem like good contenders. I'd love to see a dance channel, @eshear.
@rrhoover Agreed. "Watch People Cook" has to be a massive vertical.
@rrhoover I wrote 15,000 words in a novel yesterday and I'm pretty sure I would love to review parts of it as a recording, to see how my flow developed through the 10-hour session. All I know is at times I must have been in a flow state of some degree. How I got there, who knows? :)
@decision_ @rrhoover It's not exactly the same, but I sometimes setup a low fps screen recorder when I'm coding to see what I've done. I've found some major mistakes before they turned into bugs with this.
Adobe gets excited about getting more folks into creativity, so we're pretty stoked about platforms like Twitch Creative (disclaimer: Adobe is sponsoring Twitch Creative). We actually launched the Adobe Channel ( on Twitch, which live streams 17+ hours of continuous programming every day, spotlighting all kinds of awesome artists in the community. On a personal note: It's crazy soothing to have talented people creating cool stuff in the background while you're doing something. Gets addicting. :)