No more Say hi to live streaming on your phone!

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So I checked out the app. It seems like they got the more important part of the video streaming right. Now they need to work on the UX a bit for a more polished experience.
This app is big in japan :) most likely attributable to their better data plans and network. Mobile based live streams feels a bit early since we are so reliant on wifi, but once network coverage becomes faster and stronger it will open up some cool possibilities
@Anderson760 what's interesting though, is when I visited, they definitely have data caps just like we do. no one has a hardline ethernet connection. homes and even offices are dependent on mobile hotspots. our network coverage is so behind in the USA.
@taylorhou would you say their internet is just faster then? Thats the vibe I got hearing the softbank ceo talk about the state of telecom in japan vs usa
@Anderson760 overall, definitely. As a foreigner without a mobile data plan, I was pleasantly surprised that public Wi-Fi in subways, etc... Were consistently at 15+ mbps down. At the airbnb's I stayed in (one in Tokyo and one in Fukuoka) the mobile hotspots were similarly as consistent.