An LED light bulb that plays music w/ AirPlay built in

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Really excited to be showing the world what we've been building. Our focus has been on making the smart home accessible to renters in major cities, and people who live in smaller spaces. What we've created is a beautiful lighting and audio experience that everyone can use. We feel this is the best way to introduce the masses to the smart home and are sure you'll love it. Really excited to hear what people think and answer any questions ya'll might have
@shaun_springer very interested in hearing how you conjured up the original idea! light-bulb moment?
@dannyfiorentini I used to work at Crestron Electronics but couldn't really use the products I was making as they focused on wealthy homeowners. My main requirements were distributed audio and dimmable lighting, so I made a light bulb with a speaker in it!
Super-simple, smart, elegant design. Shaun, I remember when you first showed me this a year ago. Awesome to see this finally come to light (see what I did there?)
Yes! I've been needing something like this for my bathroom since I don't have an outlet
Wait, what happens when the light bulb dies?
@benjaminnetter The bulb is an LED light bulb, and so it lasts for 12-15 years :)
How fast does it connect over AirPlay? I've seen some speakers connect embarrassingly slow which makes me hesitant and made me a believer in Bluetooth over AirPlay.
@mattryanharris from power on to the time it connects is 3-5 seconds. Initial setup takes about 20-30 seconds.