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Our service will post content on socials networks without your intervention. But you can also choose to post only content that you first approved.

Behaviours of our robots are highly customisable. Chose posting rate, open hours, post kind ratio (tweet, retweet or like) and multiples of others parameters.

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Charles Foveau
Charles FoveauMaker@mcbinome
Hello, Here are some of our current supported subjects : - User experience (UI, UX, MaterialDesign, DesignThinking, Prototyping...) - Crypto currency (Bitcoin, CryptoCurency, Ethereum, Blockchain...) - High-tech (InternetOfThings, VirtualReality, BioHacking, Futurism...) - Science (Nasa, SpaceX, Nanotechnology, BioTech...) - City & Environment (SmartCities, OpenData, Biodiversity, ClimateChange...) - Business (LeanStartup, Coaching, MindMapping, Innovation...) - Digital (ContentMarketing, AIMarketing, SocialMedia, Digital...) - Health (Health, Nutrition, Fitness, MedTech, eHealth...) - Artificial Intelligence (DeepLearning, NeuralNetworks, Chatbots, ArtificialIntelligence...) - Finance (Fintech, Insurancem Banking, Forex, Trading...) Please feel free to tell us if you think about new relevant subjects we could add !
Mané Karen
Mané Karen@mane_gharibyan · Growth Hacker
@vardankarapetyan Have a look
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh
Patrick Onyekachukwu Udeh@patrick_udeh · Digital Vigilante
What differentiates Twinybots from @promo_republic , @quuupromote and other similar services?
Wendy Dean
Wendy Dean@wendyde03942462 · how much to build an app
cool idea will give it a run
Nguyen Khanh Toan
Nguyen Khanh Toan@geen · Love Startup
Love this !