A clean, modern messaging app powered by Twitter DMs

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I always wondered what it would be like if twitter had it's own messenger like app
Any plans for an Android version?
Needs better account switching. Tapping switch account just seems to log out. I was hoping to log-in two accounts and switch between them.
@keirwilliams I agree - multiple accounts is something I plan to add in the future. Thanks for the interest.
Interesting... Nice article around it on 9TO5Mac
It's not like the world needs any more ways to chat with your friends, but a "Twitter Messenger" makes total sense. Facebook obviously beat them to the punch. I chat through two apps exclusively: iMessage and Facebook Messenger. This is a pretty solid implementation, although I can see it going the way of TwitPic, and Twitter just implementing their own dedicated DM app.
@evanlaclark I must feel pretty unconfortable, knowing we are working on a messaging platform. But we believe we are doing it the way it should be done :)