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Many people share screenshots of Twitter on Instagram... but don't know how to share them in a 'pretty way' 😊
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Hi ! My name is David, I'm from Spain and I created Twiger :) I'm going to be honest. I don't know how to do this to be more successful but here we go... I created a product to solve a problem that I have. I'm a Twitter fan and my Instagram is very inactive... So I thought... "It would be great to share the things that i like of Twitter on Instagram" πŸ‘‰ Don't crop more screenshots πŸ‘‰ The images aren't stored in your device πŸ‘‰ Share tweets directly from the share option of the Twitter app And that's it. It would be pleasure read some feedback πŸ₯° Thank you for read ! P.S: Sorry for my english πŸ˜…
@daviz_garzia Download link doesn't work on web using Macbook.
@mrahmadawais Mmmm I don't know what do you mean :S I'm using a Macbook too and I can navigate to all links πŸ˜…
Love it! Gonna try it. Wish you the best.
@david_bistiak Thank you very much David ! :)
Hey David, I just sent you an email, saw your reply. This tool is awesome and when you add or change the paste behavior (you could also move it up where it’d be inline with the text box) it’ll be even more so. That export option would be killer too so we can share other places too
@ryanmtaylor Hi again Ryan ! Yes ! The next version will implement those improvements and the possibility to share in other apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook...
Love it! When will there be the option to remove the "made with Twiger" I'm ready to pay for that. One thing that didn't work for me if I share a link from --> It doesn't display the picture to it, what is really sad. Any idea why?
@philip_hofmacher Thank you for your answer ! Do you mean a tweet with a Medium URL or a Medium URL ? It's only supports Twitter links and, at the moment, don't shows an URL preview, only attached images :/ But it would be a great improvement !
@philip_hofmacher Hi Philip ! I released a new version to remove the Twiger brand :)
Congrats on the launch David, looking good!
@eliesing Thank you very much ! 😁