Twice the power in a bicycle

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Sometimes I wonder if people create these new recreational vehicles (hoverboards, segways, this thing) to make us look silly. This looks silly, but also kind of genius. Would love to try it out. cc @staringispolite
@rrhoover LOL this doesn't make sense to me, but I'd love to talk to the makers about it. @kristofertm did you add the makers or attempt to reach out? In particular, it seems like I'd want my arms to move opposite from each other the way you do when running. When you bike hard you naturally pull with your arms sometimes so capturing that could be interesting. Not sure that's getting captured with this or not though
@staringispolite @rrhoover Maker @GoranGrooves hasn't popped up in the thread yet
This is a terrible stress injury waiting to happen.
@justuseapen so crossfit should have these in their gyms
@justuseapen Actually improving stress (on the lower back and wrists) was the one use case that came to mind that this might have over conventional bikes. After a 120mi ride this month, I got numbness in my triceps & thigh due to my muscles compressing a couple nerves. Turns out this is super common in cycling, and it comes from (among other things) too much time holding weight with your lower back, elbows, wrists
A few points: -For the uncoordinated like myself, this looks like it could take some getting used to, since the arm movement doesn't match the leg movement like it does with running. -This technology looks like it could work for paraplegics. -This might have a better chance if it were licensed to other bicycle manufacturers to catch the eye of more cycling/ mountain biking enthusiasts.
😻 wow so cool.. but i have many doubt's