Create your own Instagram storefront in a few clicks

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Jocelyn Leavitt
Jocelyn Leavitt@jocelynleavitt · CoFounder + CEO, Hopscotch
Just saw an ad in my twitter feed for this. Seems like they've moved to a source for stock photos.
Jonathan Tzou
Jonathan Tzou@jtzou · Co-Founder, Rupie // Founder, Optix Data
Wow, onboarding is seamless. A few clicks and I now have an Instagram storefront.
Jonathan Howard
Jonathan HowardHunterHiring@staringispolite · Part-time CMO and startup advisor
They also run a community, with periodic challenges. They also recently published a book featuring the best of Twenty20 crediting each artist:
Andy Keil
Andy Keil@alwaysunday · Product at Rodio
Interesting concept but took a bit to long to actually have things up and ready for sale. I thought I was setup after choosing which photos I wanted imported but then had to go through the process of adding a gallery with those photos imported. They also offer the option to upload directly from your computer, which may provide better results.