Twenty Four

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So here's the idea behind the app. We did Fifty App last year ( - no longer available on the App Store) and wanted to do something for basketball. As NBA fans we wanted a better experience for checking scores at a glance than what you get from ESPN and the NBA app. And as with Fifty, we wanted to deliver all the great NBA content on Twitter to people who 1) aren't or have never been able to get into Twitter and 2) people who like the NBA but aren't about to curate their own NBA feeds. Hence, one app on your homescreen for instant access to everything NBA. Enjoy!
@libovness I'm addicted to box scores. Any plans to put box scores in the app?
@tdavidson keep an eye out for 24.1 ;-)
@libovness What made you stop Fifty?
@libovness, @greenwell and I built Twenty Four for both NBA junkies and casual fans. The state of sports apps out there today is pretty sad, so we wanted to give the people something that's actually fun to use. Right now we've got: - Live scores - Game graphs that tell a story - Feeds of game-specific highlights, analysis, and memes - Close game notifications We'll be adding more good stuff in the near future and always open to feedback. Let us know what you think πŸ€ PORZINGIS!
@215gabe In the month that I've been using Twenty Four, I have found myself checking the game graphs every day. They help tell the story of the games, which the final scores and stats don't always do. Unexpectedly compelling feature.
@215gabe Hey love the app. What API do you guys use to pull your game data
Great idea and design! I just downloaded the app and I'm already hooked. Only features I would ask for are box scores & the ability to choose my favorite team.
@seanoldham Thanks Sean! We agree on those features, keep an eye out for 24.1 πŸ˜‰
@seanoldham yeah box scores would be great
Fun and compelling second screen experience for my Celtics devotion :)
I've been waiting for this one. Love the name. Well-designed. I like being able to tap a card and see tweets from relevant accounts. One big thing - you should be able to select favorite team(s). It'd put that team's games at the top of the day, and maybe prioritize those games in terms of notifications. Anyway, looking forward to using this.
@adamokane next release ;-)