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Hey folks, I’m Anthony one of the co-founder. The concept of Twelve is dead simple : One day, one date. Everyday at midnight we introduce you to a single partner. Then you have 24 hours just the two of you. At midnight the conversation disappear. But fortunately you can send a last message any time after the day. Give it a try, your feedbacks are gold for us. Cheers, Anthony.
@anthonytuil how does this differ from Coffee Meets Bagel?
Hi @chrismessina, on Coffee Meets Bagel you have 24 hour to review your match (to say yes or no), on Twelve your match is selected by the app and you have a one-to-one chat with your match until midnight. We believe that dating is not about swiping but meeting new people. That’s why we focus on the chat. Once the app is downloaded you are one click away from meeting a new person.
@chrismessina You get matches at midnight instead of noon ;)
Thanks for the share.
Good production quality on the video, but that video could have been for any dating app. What part of Coffee Meets Bagel are you trying to improve on with this?
@nemrow Hi, I am Sacha, co-founder and product manager at Twelve. Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the feedback :). We stay unclear about the concept with our video on purpose: it’s just a magic day, like it would have been on Twelve. CMB forced their user to wait for a mutual match before chatting, and with Twelve you are automatically matched with someone with common interest and you start chatting immediately. If you are matched with a particular person, it’s for a reason and it’s not only about physic. We want to refocus dating on discussion. Our goals is to make those matchs relevant as much as possible. Our challenge is to understand our users needs and improve their matches every day with our technology.