Let's all tweet in unison to celebrate Pi time on Pi day.

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Jonathan Archer
Jonathan ArcherMaker@jonarcher · Freelance
Hi Product Hunt! Super psyched to see this on here. It was made in < 20 hours (including a small amount of sleep for @sirw0lfgang) and launched this morning. Happy to answer any questions.
Austin Smith
Austin SmithHiring@awwstn · GM @
@jonarcher and @sirw0lfgang came up with the idea for Tweety Pi yesterday afternoon as a fun way to celebrate Pi day by scheduling a tweet to be sent at exactly Pi time (local timezones): 3.14.15 9:26:53. Then, they built it overnight and launched it. :) They should be able to answer questions once they get commenting privileges.
Zane Wolfgang Pickett
Zane Wolfgang PickettMaker@sirw0lfgang
The interesting part for me is how it's a tweet cannon that's going to fire a bunch of tweets at the same second, rather then scale and staggering. That makes it a bit more challenging when thinking about scaling. There isn't time to react, we have to spin everything up proactivly.
Louis Galipeau
Louis Galipeau@muloka · Product Manager / DJ
Is this service powered by a Raspberry Pi or a Pi Cluster?
Zane Wolfgang Pickett
Zane Wolfgang PickettMaker@sirw0lfgang
@muloka Haha. Unfortunately no. Just Heroku based antics.