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Zac Davies  — Pin Payments
Wait, what am I missing here? How is this different to just embedding your own picture in a tweet?
jonas — Yeah, I don't know either.
@ZacDavies I was wondering the same thing... How is this different than just adding a picture to a tweet?
Romain Cointepas — ex-Head of Mobile & TV, Dailymotion
@ZacDavies Hi, founder here! I've seen many (many) Twitter users extracting images from website/articles manually, saving it on their computer, then uploading them as photo on Twitter. It is a painful process, and nearly impossible on mobile.

Tweetshot tries to solve this pain point, you just need to type your tweet with your links and we will extract images and screenshots automatically for you.

Second pain point is the way Twitter "auto-crops" the photo you upload. Advanced users or blogs use Photoshop filters to get an image to fit perfectly, Tweetshot makes this a 5-second process.

PS: Thx @kwdinc for the post!
Lucas CERDAN — Product & UX, Algolia
@ZacDavies @sleinadsanoj Unless I'm mistaken, it automatically add a screenshot when you add a link.
Benjamin Netter — I'm the tech in fintech
Romain Cointepas — ex-Head of Mobile & TV, Dailymotion
@ZacDavies @benjaminnetter You probably mean "Twitter cards" ? They will only show in the single tweet view, not in the timeline.
jonas — Yeah, I don't know either.
@ZacDavies @kwdinc @RomainCointepas Oh, I get it now, okay, this is pretty cool then! :)
Jason L. Baptiste — Founder, Onswipe
@ZacDavies @kwdinc @RomainCointepas this is so brilliant and been waiting for someone to do this. Image tweets get a lot more interaction (4-5x)
Romain Cointepas — ex-Head of Mobile & TV, Dailymotion
By the way, here is a pre-filled tweet if you quickly want to see how cool is Tweetshot:
Mike Coutermarsh — Code @ Product Hunt
@RomainCointepas nice! 👍👍
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