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#5 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2015
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Hi, I'm Darren, one of the Co-Founders here at TweetPilot. We built TweetPilot having identified weaknesses in competitor apps ​and areas for development that would not only benefit our businesses but those of others. I seem to spend 99% of my waken time online, so if you have any questions, comments or want to hurl some abuse, please send it this way.
@darrenmoore488 How are the suggested users generated?
@joshdance Hi, TweetPilot analyses your recent retweets, likes, follows, etc. These are then filtered to produce a list of high quality, potentially influential accounts that you have engaged with in some way. We then look at who those accounts engage with and apply further filters to produce a list of relevant, high quality accounts for you to follow. This does sometimes mean results are limited but we have opted for suggested quality over quantity.
@darrenmoore488 Thanks for the peek behind the kimono. Definitely builds my confidence to know how the product works, giving it a try now.
@gasiorekm You're very welcome, hope you enjoy your trial
Registered. Got an email from Twitter less than 2 hours later saying that my account had been blocked for security reasons. Not cool :(
@jpvalery Hi, sorry to hear that. Tweetpilot is 100% compliant with Twitter terms of service - are you using any other apps on your account?
@jpvalery did you figure out if it was Tweetpilot caused? Was going to try it out, but don't want to risk it now.
@joebelsterling @jpvalery Hi Joe, it really shouldn't be. We've spent months developing and several weeks beta testing to ensure nothing like this can happen. Accounts can be suspended for various reasons though - aggressive following/unfollowing (for which we have built in controls), aggressive RTs, and of course 'spam like' behaviour. It could be that the combination of multiple Twitter apps could push an account over the edge of Twitter's TOS and result in suspension - for example using an​ auto RT app, other Twitter follow/unfollow app, then adding TweetPilot in there too. As I say, using TweetPilot alone for managing your account really should present no problems whatsoever.
@jpvalery No luck? I had a good laugh when I saw "all 100% automated" 3 inches above "We don't automate." ... I'd like to try it but don't want to risk it. Also I hate how auto DMs are encouraged on the site. Most. Annoying. Tactic. Ever.
@darrenmoore488 Can you explain the nuance in "100% automated but not automated at all?" Does that mean you have humans doing the actions instead of API calls?
@darrenmoore488 Amazing, I am really interested in TweetPilot. I am trying it and it works way better than CrowdFire. I am very interested in the Unlimited Plan, but first I have some questions, is there a way I can chat 5-10 minutes with you or someone in your team? Amazing product, keep it up!
@maurosicard Hi, I've followed you on Twitter - if you follow me back we can DM. Or drop me an email;
Hi guys, we are currently experiencing some technical issues. To be totally honest we had no idea we’d get featured by Product Hunt which obviously came as a huge and pleasant surprise, but with that came a surge of traffic and we’re burning out our server. Our hosting company have told us that we can’t just upgrade but instead have to build a brand new one and move the site over which we will do overnight when usage of the app is at its lowest. Please bear with us over the next day or 2 while we work on ensuring TweetPilot runs smoothly, efficiently and faster for all.
After a late night, sweat, tears, and tantrums we are now back up and running smoothly. Thank you for your patience