Create tweet mashups from your favorite Twitter users.

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Stuart of Vacord@vacord · Founder,
@webtech Who did you design this for? Who do you think could get the most use out of it?
Rod AustinMaker@webtech · Growth Hacker, Developer
@vacord I originally designed it for myself, so that I could follow news, politicians and comedians that I have an interest in. I'm still exploring the broader fit, with possibilities for journalists to track topics for stories in one place, and marketing folks to track competitors, influencers, publishers, etc.
Cackle@cackleru ·
Thanks for interesting product!
Rod AustinMaker@webtech · Growth Hacker, Developer
Hi All, and thank you, Jack. Twitter does a not so great job of showing the tweets that interest you, so I built TweetMash to help make following and comparing tweets a bit easier. The project is still experimental, so feel free to share any requests/ideas here.
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity ·
@webtech Do you think you could make an iFrame, embeddable version? I bet a lot of sites could use this as a social media wall or page.
Rod AustinMaker@webtech · Growth Hacker, Developer
@swetzequity Great thought, and definitely on my radar. Considering a free branded option and a small fee to remove branding, to help fund that feature. Thoughts?
Zach SwetzPro@swetzequity ·
I think that's a great idea!