Tweet from anywhere is a website that let's you change the "Twitter for" text on your tweets
You can use this website to trick your friends and family by tweeting from "Twitter for GUCCI Smart Toilet" or "Twitter for Samsung Smart Fridge" and other likewise places!
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1 Review5.0/5 is a project I've been working on for the past week. It uses the Twitter API along with multiple developer applications to allow you to tweet on twitter with a custom "Twitter for.." text. Currently it let's you tweet from the following places: - Twitter for GUCCI Smart Toilet - Twitter for Cool Kidz - Twitter for Memelords - Twitter for Gamers - Twitter for Samsung Smart Fridge - Twitter for Windows 95 - Twitter for Clowns - Twitter for Intellectuals More are planned to be added soon! We also allow the ability for those who have been approved as a twitter developer to create their own applications with a unique name and be able to tweet from them by entering in the api keys into the site. Security note: we do NOT log api keys, access keys, or anything along those lines. Your twitter access keys are used to send your tweets and immediately discarded after you log off. This is my second official project with Node.js, the first one being I am open to any suggestions and/or feedback.
@kaamidev I'm getting a 502 error on your site rn ๐Ÿ˜…
@amrith The issue has been resolved! Enjoy :)
It works perfect, I love tweeting from my new GUCCI smart toilet.
Seen a few of these blow up on Twitter. Nice to know you're on Product Hunt! Getting 502 error however.
@prithsr It's been fixed! Enjoy :)
hahahah this is fun! :)
thank you for creating this