Tweeten 2

A powerful Twitter client based on TweetDeck.

Tweeten is a column-based interface that helps you keep track of everything that's happening on Twitter without needing to hit the refresh button.

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Hey everyone, today I'm launching a brand-new version of Tweeten -- a powerful Twitter client based on TweetDeck. It includes a beautiful and clean user interface, and useful features like an emoji picker, ability to download GIFs, and lots of customization options. You can also apply your own custom CSS. Please check it out!
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@mehedih_ I was waiting for this, love it!
"Based on" TweetDeck....? Looks like a wholesale copy to me... 🤔
@richardbarley Uh, it uses and adds more features and customizations it.
@mehedih_ Ah ok, it's just the description didn't really make it clear that this was just adapting
I used this when it was in Beta and I didn't like it - it didn't feel as fluid as I would of want. I'll give the new version another try.
@erickbarron86 I think Its not entirely finished. It will probably improve over time. But I think they are wise to launch before its 100%. Soft-launching so to speak.
@erickbarron86 I might be biased but the new version is miles better than the old one
@mehedih_ @erickbarron86 What would you say is the top 3 features that makes this twitter app Powerful? To me emojies and gif downloading is "nice-to-haves" not power user features. IMO of course. Or am I confused with "power user features" vs just being powerful?
@erickbarron86 @eonpilot I'm advertising it as a Twitter app rather than an app that works over TweetDeck. There's a lot of stuff going on in the app -- just compare the UI with TweetDeck. Believe it or not, stuff like GIF Download is one of the highly requested features, and GIF search is also in the works.
@mehedih_ @erickbarron86 Thats interesting. I thought nobody downloaded gifs. Just sent them via giphy etc. I guess that might be a poweruser feature then. What about writing plugins for tweet apps? Like how easy it is to write plugins for sketch. id really like to automate some twitter interactions :P :D
Extended version of TweetDeck!
@mehedih_ signup isn't working from the app, doesn't load Twitter oauth