Browse and delete multiple old tweets with one click

TweetDeleter is the leading solution to easily browse your tweets by using filters and powerful search. Delete multiple tweets with one click. Upload tweet archive to access all tweets. Help TD to take care of your privacy - set up Auto Delete to automatically delete oldest tweets. TD has been used already by 1.3M users who have deleted 500M tweets.

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3 Reviews5.0/5

It's really easy to use solution that helps if you want to clean up your Twitter profile as well as if you want to launch Auto Delete that will automatically delete your oldest tweets so nothing old and private stays on the web.


Great Search and filters, Rude keyword filter, Auto Delete and Full delete options, Upload Tweet Archive option, Delete many tweets at once


Best features requires small payment

This could be career-saving for some folks
Unfortunately this doesn't work....I subscribed to do some cleaning, and anything you try to do - "javascript:$('#edituser').submit();"