TweetDeck in #280Characters

280-character tweets for everyone [No longer available]

Twitter released 280-character tweeting, but only to a few people during a trial period. This Chrome extension did add the ability for everyone to tweet in 280 characters on TweetDeck.

Update Oct 5: This extension no longer works. Twitter and TweetDeck are now both validating tweet length at the API. ⚰️

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Is this likely to be patched?
@theashtube It's just my guess, but I don't think it's likely. Not many people use TweetDeck, and even fewer people will employ this hack—it should not be a threat to Twitter's 280-char slow-rollout experiment. I think they would have patched it already if they felt it was worthwhile, especially since everyone will be given 280 chars eventually.
@theashtube I think I cursed us: the night after writing the above, TweetDeck has now patched the hole. This extension no longer works. :(
@com yeh I didn't wanna say but I think more people use Tweetdeck than you think :p