The best way to track hashtags and Twitterchat conversation

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We are looking forward to collaborating and helping answer any questions people have in the ProductHunt community. We will post insights and tips as we launch new features. TWEETCHAT TIP >> our FavePages are a great SEO mechanism. Every tweet you fave on Twitter is automatically downloaded into your Tweetchat FavePage when you login to Tweetchat.
Great to see TweetChat here on Product Hunt! As an early adopter of the product I was able to use to follow the SharkTank hashtag and create a "room" for a dedicated discussion. I see this as an effective action tool. Example: when you are on your fav page - you see your fav tweets and the hashtag associated with it and can click into that convo. I am a big fan of simple tools for the rest of us while at the same time -- I can see this being used heavily on the client side to increase social buy-in or a tool to pitch for new social business One thing: Like to see the potential for adding files directly in TweetChat client - unless i missed something there.
@ourmaninto Thank you for the awesome @Tweetchat review. We greatly appreciate your support and insights... We agree "simplicity is the new innovation" in todays growing world of digital overload. Simple tools that get the job done are essential. Thanks for the recommendation. Its now in the @oneQube dev pipeline to add files:)