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Lior Neu-nerMaker@liornn · iOS Dev
I find that Twitter can be a great source of information where you can follow all sorts of people who tweet about interesting things. Sometimes however, these people tweet about less interesting things (like their lunch) and the result is that you often have to read through many useless tweets before actually reading something relevant. What Tweetcat does is filter out the noise and only shows you what you want to see, based on your interests. So say for example I am interested in Sports, Tweetcat will only show me tweets that are actually related to sports! You can create as many different topics as you like and on anything that you're interested in e.g tech, startups, music, movies etc.
Jason Meeks@jasonkristofor · Making vision a reality @ISMConnect
Cool concept, how does the app split out the content into the different categories?
Lior Neu-nerMaker@liornn · iOS Dev
@jasonkristofor Users create their own categories and choose their own keywords which they want relevant tweets to be shown for. For example, I am interested in seeing all "iOS" related tweets and have provided this as a keyword. Tweetcat will then show the tweets it thinks are related by looking at the content of the tweet e.g. if a tweet contains the word "Apple" or "iPhone", Tweetcat will show you this tweet
Jason Meeks@jasonkristofor · Making vision a reality @ISMConnect
@liornn makes sense, I'll give it a try!
Spence@spence_omz · Product Owner, MacPractice
I love this concept, but am curious about the algorithm used to compile the filtered timeline. My filter for JavaScript shows mostly starwars.
I love your concept! I skip many Tweets because because of the exact reason you mention and this would help a lot 😻
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Co-founder at inKin Corporate Wellness
the concept really makes sence. Any chance you will release an Android version?
Lior Neu-nerMaker@liornn · iOS Dev
@aramiggs no plans to do it at the moment, but perhaps in the future!