Nudges from your favorite Twitter account in your menubar

macOS menu bar app that will give you subtle updates from any Twitter account/bot. No obtrusive notifications, just a small nudge when there's an update from your favourite news/fun/crypto/reminder Twitter account. The app ships with by default, but can be updated to any (public) Twitter account.

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Hello ProductHunt! Last week, @yannschaub introduced me to I immediately loved the concept. However, I didn’t want to have to check Twitter to get these meaningful small reminders, since Twitter is easy to get lost in 😄 So I decided to build a little macOS app to add these small reminders to my menu bar. And today, Apple approved it: 🎉 By default it will gently show you updates from TinyCareBot. However, you’ll be able to change the Twitter account to anything you like via the settings. I priced it at the “cup of coffee” price point, but if you’d like to try it out for free, use one of the following AppStore promo codes (they are valid once): AJXAHN3H3EEX MTALWKFRHJ3E LAXLHHPYHP6J R6LTNYJHFY4W TMHNJPNTM7PW Curious to hear what you think! Thanks, Joshua
Sergej LotzUX Designer
@yannschaub @joshuajansen I like the simplicity and the concept, good job!
Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Cool idea, @joshuajansen! I know several people enable Twitter push notifications for specific Twitter accounts. This could also serve that use case to give people an opportunity to ensure they don't miss out on [insert favorite Twitter account]'s latest tweets.
@rrhoover thanks! Twitter push notifications was actually my initial way of automatically getting the tinycarebot reminders. However, notifications pile up if you don't interact with them, so I ended up waking up to 7-8 missed reminders every morning 😅
Have been looking for this for a while, really nice! Well done.
@pimbaljon thanks! 👍