Tweet Rewind 2018

YouTube rewind but for Twitter

A collection of 2018's most liked tweets from some of the most influential people on twitter.

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Hey fellow makers! πŸ‘‹ I'm excited to announce my latest side-project, "Tweet Rewind" I've put together a website where you can find top 50 tweets of some of the most popular people on Twitter. Note: This is not a comprehensive list, these are all the people that I currently follow & strongly admire, I would love some suggestions for new people to add. Thanks for trying it out! 😊 p.s. If there's enough interest, this could be an annual thing!
Ahhh, I was honestly hoping this was going to be a reflection of my last year on Twitter 😁
@rrhoover did it disappoint? 😁
@juhaszhenderson thanks πŸš€ πŸš€
It should also be able to give a twitter username handle and show the best tweets of this year and other years
@sseraphini hey, yeah that's a great idea. I put this together in a really short amount of time but maybe I can do something like that for next year!
Great job Vidy! Love the product. Some of these tweets are golden. Would love to categorize the rewind by "influencer" category. i.e. sports, celeb, news, tech, etc?