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Automagically post your Instagram photos to Twitter ✨

Tweet Photo is the easiest way to tweet your Instagram photos.

Just connect your Instagram and Twitter accounts, and we'll take it from there. Tweet Photo embeds the photos in such a way that they show up on Twitter, unlike the native Instagram functionality.

It's free and only takes seconds to set up. Give it a try!

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UPDATE: You can now disable automatic tweeting in Settings, so only posts with hashtag #tweetphoto will get tweeted. (Thanks @felicianotech and @jeanpaulh for the suggestion!). If you've ever tried tweeting a photo from Instagram you'll have had the disappointing experience of not seeing the photo show up on Twitter. Tweet Photo fixes this. Your photos and videos show up on Twitter as you'd expect them to. 🤔 What about IFTTT, etc? While there are some workarounds using automation services such as IFTTT and Zapier, they aren't optimised for this use case. For example they don't support multi-photo posts. Plus, they aren't as accessible to less tech savvy folks. There are dozens if not more tutorials online on how to set up those tools in order to achieve the same effect Tweet Photo provides with just a few clicks. 💸 What's the business model? Tweet Photo is free to use, but comes with a subtle "via" link in the tweet. It's hardly noticeable considering your pictures take the spotlight, but it does help spread the word about the service. People and brands who would like to remove this link, can upgrade to the Pro subscription which will include more customisation options in the future. Pricing starts at $19/year for accounts with up to 5,000 Twitter followers. 👀 What's next? I'll keep the feature set simple. No reason to overcomplicate things. What I will work on is making the tweeting a little faster. Right now it takes an average of 5 minutes between posting a picture to Instagram and it being tweeted. I'll also add some options to change the caption based on your preferences. For example allowing you to remove any hashtags when tweeting it.
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I hate to be that guy I really do But Instagram literally has a toggle for this 😅 And Facebook And Tumblr
@rdev Second this. Instagram recently fixed the integration too, so tweets should include the Instagram photos again, not only the link. Also, IFTTT?
@rdev The problem with that feature is that the images don't show up on Twitter. It just shows the link. See for a before/after example of what I mean.
@rdev @timbremer They haven't fixed this. Instagram links do NOT show the image. I think you might be using a third party Twitter client. Some of those do indeed include the photo, but the majority of Twitter users are using the official Twitter app or website in which case your Instagram photos won't show up.
@rdev @timbremer @frassmith I love IFTTT and for some people it might be enough. However, it does lack certain features such as posts with multiple photos. Having a dedicated service like Tweet Photo means we can deliver these things, whereas for IFTTT it's not a priority.
Hey Marc, Very cool. Here's my first thought when going through the signup process, "Oh no, I don't want EVERY Instagram post to get tweeted". I would love a way to pick and choose which IG posts make it to Twitter. Without having to make a browser extension, or something other heavy work, the simplest solution might be adding an Instagram hashtag such as #TweetPhoto to the IG post which makes it get tweeted (without the hashtag showing up on Twitter). That or some other way to control which post get tweeted and which don't would be great. Either cool, cool project. - Ricardo
@felicianotech Seconded (but preferably via self chosen hashtag)
@jeanpaulh The problem with that (for Marc, not for us) would be needing to store that for each and every person. I want a disappearing hashtag so that it's not in the way. Tweet Photo could see it, process it, and remove it.
@felicianotech I understand, but I prefer not to insert a "promotional" hashtag in my IG posts.
@felicianotech @jeanpaulh Thanks to you both. Those are great suggestions. I can't think of any reason not to add them. I'll add them to my todo list and follow up once completed 😄
@felicianotech @jeanpaulh ✅ Done! Now even when you've disabled automatic tweeting in Settings, you can still use the hashtag #tweetphoto in any post for it to be tweeted. I might make the hashtag configurable in the future, but for now this should do 99% of what you want.
Congratulations for the launch ..will test it today
Ah such a pet peeve! Good job fixing it Marc. Thank you 😊