Tweet Of The Hour

A slack bot that curates content for you to share on Twitter

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Sarim Haq
AI Whisperer
Hey Everyone! This is Sarim, one of the makers of Tweet Of The Hour. Tweet Of The Hour began as a side project. We were posting to Caspy's twitter account sporadically and wanted to establish a routine to post trending content on a regular basis. The content curation part was proving to be a hassle, especially since we are a small startup and don't have a dedicated Social Media person on our team. So we asked ourselves: wouldn't it be cool if a bot nudged us every hour to share viral content before it goes viral? That's when we decided to build Tweet Of The Hour Please feel free to ask us anything. Myself, with @daveshak and Arron, are here to answer all your questions. 🙂
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I'm intrigued👌
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