Tweet 280 Today!

Chrome extension that allows to post 280-length tweets today

⛔️ UPDATE: The extension doesn't work anymore ⛔️

Twitter increases characters limit to 280. Right now it's an experiment and available for a small group of people. With this extension, you can start using the new limit today!

This extension hajacks into Twitter experiments code and enables 280 characters limit for you.

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⛔️ UPDATE: Twitter did patch this gap and now checks the experiment at the back-end, hence the extension doesn't work anymore ⛔️ Hey! Today is an exciting day, Twitter increased the limit up to 280! Unfortunately, it’s still an experiment and I wasn’t lucky enough to get into the testing group 😭 As a Twitter app maker and an engineer, I’ve decided to reverse engineer Twitter’s JavaScript. After a while, I found a way to tweet 280 chars long tweets and also got an idea how to enable it for everyone. 😎 So, I've built a Google Chrome extension that hijacks the Twitter code and enables the 280 experiment ⚡️ ⚠️ There is an only limitation, the counter in the compose modal doesn't work properly and always display "140", although it doesn't affect the functionality ⚠️
@kossnocorp Oh well… I did bust out one long tweet successfully! LOL
@al_boulley you may be in the testing group and don't need the extension 🙃 I don't have any other explanations because I'm pretty sure it's restricted on the server by now.
@kossnocorp I did that tweet on Thursday morning, before Twitter patched the gap. :)
Can you share which code you've changed? I've naively tried to change the button HTML and it says I'm being clever, that it still 140 char 😂
@philipyoungg he-he, to do the trick manually you need to find the source code that returns value from "deciders" and set corresponded decider to true. See screenshot: It's easier to use Tweet 280 Today 😉