Create a private photo diary of baby and family moments

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My wife started using this app while she was pregnant with our son. Now it's great being able to look back through the timeline of events and seeing how much he has changed.
Thanks Lee! Really appreciate the mention!! Here's the pitch: *** Tweekaboo is like Path for families *** We've built it to give parents a private place to journal their children's everyday moments in a single family timeline and share that timeline with their wider family and close friends. When you're ready, you can print that timeline into a hardcover Tweekabook. Our Android app is on the way soon - lots of improvements compared to the iOS version. Uploading some screenshots. If you'd like to help us kick the tires on the Android app before we launch, we'd love to hear from you at support @ PS - use promo code tweekabooPH to get 20% off your Tweekabook!
I'm working on a similar concept, would love to exchange emails with you Eugene :)
@orliesaurus There are actually a lot of similar concepts around like 23snaps, Tiny Tale, Ukky ๐Ÿ’€, Notably, Snipit and Lifecake... and probably even more that I don't know of. It's a crowded space with al the tech-dads. :) Full disclosure: I was a co-founder in Ukky but we pivoted to Bundle.
@ppkorevaar yeah it's just a fun project, not a "startup" :D thanks for sharing!
Hey. sounds good. ping us at support and let's connect!