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Tweek is a modern conversational task management app which connects team communication with task assignment and time planning. You can now share and accept tasks with simple taps and swipes, making sure everyone’s briefed and ready to go. Teamwork starts with a common goal. With Tweek, you’re one step closer to achieving it. Try it now on iOS. Android version will soon follow. Tweek is brought to you by people behind Teamweek, the online project planner and team calendar.
Looks sleek @dhruvparmar, will look forward to the Android version.
@jipy9 @dhruvparmar Me, too. Looking forward to Android version online :) Keep your great work, @tweek
There are so many task manager apps out there, what differentiates this above the rest?
@bentossell Hey there, thanks for joining the conversation! We have tried not to make only a to-do or task management app. Instead, we really believe that we're on the way of building a team communication app. We see Tweek as a hybrid of WhatsApp and a to-do list.
@laura_noodapera okay... There are slack extensions that can provide this functionality in Slack - and competing with them will be extremely tough, to put it lightly! There are also products like Basecamp and Flow which have to-do/team communication
@bentossell yes, you're right. and we really don't want to step on anybody's toes. also, not everyone uses slack. i mean, e.g. i'm in the middle of buying a house at the moment and there are a lot of things to be done. i can communicate with contractors and family using the app, crossing over things that have been done and making comments and letting other know when i've done my part. Tweek is only making its first steps and we've decided to push for a release knowing the product will change quite a bit in the upcoming years. and we have some feedback already to start on the second iteration. and i'm not really kidding when i say we're taking your every word very seriously.
@laura_noodapera yeah totally get you... and I like asking hard questions because theres no point if I dont! So in that scenario... it assumes that all the people involved in the house-buying will be using the app too. How do you get people to want to download and use it? May be just my POV but I'm not sure property developers or contractors would want to use somethig like that. It just seems tough to rely on others wanting to use the app for it to work optimally
@bentossell i just brought you a random example. i guess i shouldn't have cause i now i have managed to back myself into a corner :D guess all i'm saying is that we didn't feel that some slackbot would be a way to go. even more so, as many of our users do not use slack in their day-to-day communication either. however, we are planning on a few integrations. firstly, of course, with our own tools like Teamweek and Toggl, and then some others. but we first need to understand how exactly people are using Tweek. or if they're using it at all. the one thing is to think you have an idea and to implement it. and it living its own life in the users' hands is a whole other deal. this is also what you're getting at, as i understand :) and we appreciate the hard questions, we really do.
I have ever used Teamwork as my project management tool, but not all my teammate use it. A question that I think now lots of new products also have - Not many people is willing to download/install a new application on their device even give a try. Curious what target audience that Tweek aim to?? And how you attract people to start use your product?
@joaniehuang *i think we're still finding our audience. at the moment, we're planning to tie it together with Teamweek (i guess this is what you meant under Teamwork) and approach our existing audience of all sorts of creative professionals.
@laura_noodapera thanks for the reply. As others message in here, I think all of us have the same concern that why we need to install another new app except this app can resolve a critical problem or provide a better approach than others. Further more, the chat app from my opinion, it requires people to use (your colleagues, friends, co-workers, etc), otherwise, it's useless because no one can interact with you.
@joaniehuang and this is what we're working on :)
This is becoming such a crowded space. I'm looking for something for my company and have tested Glip, Flock, Fleep, Azendoo, WorkGroup, Flow and quite a few others. Nothing beats Slack as far as company chat is concerned but with Slack, a lot of time is wasted since it doesn't have actions. Will wait until Web/Android is available as well as these apps require people to collaborate and people work across many different platforms.
@ajaffarali fully agreed. and this is the problem we are trying to tackle. we'll keep you informed when the android version is out. also, I'm kind of obligated to ask this, have you tried Teamweek? and what are you looking for in these tools?
@laura_noodapera For us, team chat is super important and needs to be work and play. So looking for an app that does both- chat and PM