Repost any tweet to Instagram or other social media

There are more than 10 million tweets posted on Instagram, mostly as ugly screenshots.
Tweeig (tweet+Instagram) allows you to transform any tweet into a video or an image and post it on Instagram or on any other social media platform.
It's easy, try it!
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Can tweets be as engaging if reposted outside of Twitter? How can words be as engaging as images? After all we say “a picture is worth 1,000 words,” and in the age of social media words seem less of the focus. Meet Tweeig, an experiment about the power of words and tweets on image-based platforms like Instagram. Tweeig, now available in iOS for the AppStore, transforms tweets in videos or still images that are shareable and engaging. Be part of the #Tweeig experiment! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts about the interaction between Twitter and Instagram. Andreas
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Interesting idea. Content repurposing is definitely undertapped at the moment.
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@dkb868 Thank you for your feedback! At the moment, a lot of people post screenshots of tweets on Instagram, why not give them a better way to share those tweets, right?
Great tool for republishing content!
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@lachlankirkwood Thank you Lachlan! We hope Tweeig is a more engaging way of republishing tweets to Instagram or other social media platforms.
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I like the feature to customize the image, would enjoy if we could select a font as well!
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@bansini Thank you for your feedback! Will work on fonts soon...
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Wish you could customize the typeface, show or hide the profile photo, and remove the watermark. As it is, it’s not something I’d consider using. Frankly, the screenshots of tweets that folks are already sharing are better than this.
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@boaticus Did you try making a video?
@andreas212nyc Yes I did! It created the video as expected. The gradual revealing of the words is a nice touch, but again, the whole experience left me wishing to customize more things to make this feel like less of a novelty. Good work so far, and I will check it out in the future as you make improvements.
@boaticus Thank you! We will certainly work on improving it.
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@boaticus We listened to our Product Hunt fans and we have added a few more features to Tweeig. Please check the new version out on the App Store and let us know if you like it.