The fastest way to get visual feedback πŸ“Œ - The fastest way to get visual feedback
Upload any file you want and share the Link to get visual feedback with everyone involved.
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Hey Producthunt! It's an honor to launch here today! We've been working on Tweakr for almost a year now and we really hope you like it. After having had struggles communicating with our first freelancer-clients as design students about our work, we were looking out for a product about that. As there was nothing convincing out there, we took the challenge upon ourselves. We didn't really sleep last night but we are still ready for all questions πŸ™‚ Edit: works as it should be!
Rich Peterson
System & Process Consultant πŸš€
@clemmak Wow! Such a beautiful tool to use for design proofing. Will be recommending to clients πŸ‘
Jonathan Widawski
Founder @mazedesignhq
Hey Clemens, congrats on the launch: really sleek UI ✨ I like how this product was built as a communication bridge between designers & freelancers. Can you tell us a bit more about the upcoming roadmap and which features you're considering to streamline feedback gathering at the design phase? Cheers!
Tobias Micko
Product developement
@widawskij Thanks Jonathan! There will be several integrated features like a version control, Approval Management and a Dashboard to manage several workspaces. Besides that, we are currently developing PlugIns for the major graphics software (Illustrator, XD, etc.) and a Screenshot application so you can easily upload your drafts directly out of your workflow :) The pipeline is full … :D
Making and Letter πŸ’Œ
the live demo is great! It's cool how it revolves around the link sharing too, much faster to get feedback
Krishna De
Social business & live video strategist
Great idea @clemmak - would love to have the option to be able to add audio feedback too.
This looks amazing! Greetings from Vienna, (btw: please do something with your main domain - it only shows a domain parked notice from easyname!)
@offcorner Sorry mate! We underestimated the traffic, will be live soon! We'll get back to you!
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