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#5 Product of the DayMay 15, 2017
Hey, Cedric from Tweak here. Thanks a lot for hunting us. A lot of hours has been spent in building Tweak so we hope you will all like it. Our mission is to help you turn your OK photos to perfect before you can post them. We believe that the professional Photoshop artists on Tweak go deeper than simple filtering jobs to help you get the perfect photo. I'm happy to answer any questions of course!
Nice using the 3rd world "call center" people to do live editing of 1st world people. This will get tons of people in 3rd world countries to learn graphics and have jobs. Please roll this out as an outsourcing initiative.... What is the pay for designers?
@androidlove You are right but not just the 3rd world though. The future of work for graphic designers is extremely worrying. Almost 12% of recent graduates are unemployed and an older generation of digital artists have lost their jobs due to the economic downturn in advertising. Our mission is to help bring work to these people. Tweaks cost between $0.99 and $19.99 of which 40% goes to the designers (the rest is split between Apple/Google and us). Depending on the complexity, one Tweak can take only a few seconds to perform.
@cedricmaloux awesome, nicely done.
Are all tweaks the same cost? What tools are the editors using to tweak your photos?
@tombielecki One Tweak cost $0.99 and you can request up to 20 of them per image. Usually editors use Photoshop as their preferred photo-retouching tool
This is interesting. What do you think will let you keep up with tons and tons of newbie-friendly photo editing apps? Especially now that everyone and their mother add AI to do stuff automagically. :)
@igoruphere Thanks! I think the Wow effect of getting your image back quickly and flawlessly is a great differentiators :-) Not everybody wants to fiddle with smart filters but in the future we can use AI to chose the best designers for any given job (not yet though)
I registered as a designer and did 2 jobs as a test. That was 2 days ago. Today, the status is still "in review". This makes me wonder if it's worth it as a designer. It took me 15 minutes and, for now, i don't see spending more time doing this if the pictures get no response. It doesn't matter if it's a rejection or a pay. The 'in review' status makes me think that those users just got the app to test it and bounced. However, i really appreciate your work and idea. I like the product and i see it's potential, but it needs something more to get as big as it can be. I don't know what, maybe trying to get to instagram influencers who post a lot of pictures and who would need a designer's help.
@cosminbaluta Thanks for the feedback. Yes we can expect that unfortunately some early users are just playing with no intention to pay for the work. There's not much we can do against these guys. Luckily it's not the case for all of them and we also have users buying for Tweaks. You are right about Instagram and we are working on this. These are still early days, the app was released less than 1 week ago so now we are focussing on bringing more users as well as more designers. Thanks for your support!
@cedricmaloux Thanks for your reply. Also, a little change will help. I just did another photo and when i was about to drag-drop the tweaked photo, i accidentally took another photo. So, now i don't have any way to change my submission or send the tweaked photo to the user. A way to avoid this will be to have another confirmation after you upload the tweaked photo (e.g. "click OK to send photo").