Export your tweets as PDF, DOC, XML, CSV, TXT, XLS or HTML

If twitter's default archive feature can't satisfy you.... twDocs gives you a flexibility of exporting tweets, favorites, mentions, direct messages and search results.
@EmmanuelAmber Twitter's archive feature sounds great, but it appears to have terrible uptime. I've never gotten it to work.
@grayj_ Are you speaking about Twitter's default archive function or twDocs ?
@EmmanuelAmber Thank you for sharing the tool :)
@joelchaudy sounds twitter's.
@joelchaudy Twitter's export doesn't work, or at least I've tried repeatedly over the course of a number of months and never managed to catch it working (including again today). twDocs uses the Twitter API, which works fine, although it does get limited to your 3200 most recent tweets.
Great Product with Great Functionality which extends tweeter.