News app to escape your filter bubbles & discover new stuff

Twain is a machine learning news app, designed to find, recognize and deliver the most relevant trending articles and topics - not just stuff you get on your social feeds, but hopefully lots of great new content! :) Using complex algorithms, from millions of sources.

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I like the design - understated, not glaring, and no bling. Sucks you in a little bit.


Trump feed - con & pro - is reduced. I find at least one interesting article every day, from sources I wouldn't have discovered otherwise.


I would like to see a desktop app.

Miran, good to see this on Product Hunt. I've actually been using Twain for a few months. Was initially kind of rough, but over the past two months it's really surfaced a lot of interesting articles and content that I don't see covered elsewhere. Personally, I've unfollowed a ton of people on FB over the past year (sick of politicized rants) which has definitely affected what their algorithm serves to me newswise. But just because I mute outraged hyperbole doesn't mean I want to ignore topics or news sources, even if biased. I'm really impressed with the app - great job so far.
@jtreichel Thanks, Jeff! You're right, initially it was kind of rough, but glad to see you noticed the improvements :)
Big fan of the app, which I've followed since its launch. Love the clean UI, the curation and surfacing of trending topics, and the grouped articles. As a news junkie who bops between a few different apps each day, I've found myself turning to Twain more and more to get news from different sources. I've found it a better, more robust replacement for the Yahoo News Digest app, which I was sad to see go (despite Yahoo's many other failings, it was pretty good). Nice job, Twain team!
Hey everyone! This is Miran, from Twain. Our basic idea was to create a better way to read your news - even before fake news and filter bubbles became a huge public issue, we felt that social platforms were not the best way to discover new authors, topics, new sources. Social media's value propisition is to give you more content similar to the content you've already engaged with - which means that a Salon reader is much less likely to bump into Breitbart, and vice-versa. With Twain, that's both more likely, and more desirable. We don't do any kind of personalization - we're simply trying to recognize what's trending in the world right now, by analyzing content on FB, TW, Pinterest, LinkedIN & more, in real-time. We launched back in April, and we've spent the last few months improving our algorithms and eliminating (admittedly, numerous) errors and issues. :) We now feel ready to present Twain to the world, and are eager to hear your comments and feedback!
Can you list the millions of sources?
@mickc79 Our system crawls pretty much every single news site, blog & channel out there - for this initial version, we’ve decided to limit ourselves to English-based sites, mostly from the U.S. Localized versions and other languages might be possible down the line. Globally, it’s >10 million sources, though we removed some obvious spammers