Like Inception for your to-do list 📝

TVSK is a todo list that lets you have infinite todo lists

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Congrats on the launch Cam, looking forward to where you take this
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Hello everyone, I’d like to tell you about my new app, TVSK. TVSK is a todo list with an intuitive interface that lets you create todo lists within your todo list -- like inception for todo lists. To create a new task, pull down and release. To complete a task, swipe right. And swipe right again to uncomplete a task. After you’ve created a task, you can create subtasks of that task by pressing the + button. TVSK allows you to estimate complex projects in a way never seen before. When you estimate a subtask, it’s parent task will recalculate it’s estimation, which in turn will cause it’s parent to recalculate. This makes it easy to create deep trees of projects and quickly know how much time the project will take. The other cool feature about TVSK is focus mode. Once you’re done estimating your task or your project, you can press the start button on the task, and it will go into focus mode. When the time is up, it will ring, and you can stop that task, and move on to the next one, or continue working if you’re not done. TVSK will keep counting the time. Focus mode also comes with pomodoro mode, so you can work in scheduled intervals and breaks. You can pause pomodoros and come back to them, and you can set a daily goal of pomodoros to hit. Pomodoro intervals are configurable in settings. I hope you try it and have fun using it!

Will be back with full review


Easy to use and very convenient when creating projects and task



Awesome product. I replaced Be Focused (pomodoro timer) and Trello (for personal usage) with TVSK! Focus mode does exactly what I need. I also love how quickly I can generate ideas/lists and the simplicity of it all

Better than Google Keep for todo lists, Wunderlist,, Evernote (for todo lists)- try it out!


A todo list that has a built-in pomodoro timer used for estimating project lengths


Colors but it seem they're on the way!